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Our law office is a solo legal practice committed to serving our clients. Our mission statement is: “Your Case Is Our Concern.”

HOW CAN I REACH YOU? You can conveniently communicate with our law office via our web site, which has direct connections to our e-mail address and telephone number.

WHAT ARE YOUR HOURS? We are available daily, and will promptly respond to your e‑mails and telephone calls.

HOW MUCH IS THE FIRST VISIT? HOW MUCH TIME WILL WE HAVE? Your initial legal consultation with our law firm is free of cost. You will not be billed if you exhaust your first hour of consultation with us. We believe in giving our clients sufficient time to tell their stories and address all of their concerns. We fully understand that it is unreasonable to expect all individuals to be able to conclude discussing their cases with us in exactly 60 minutes.

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? Our legal fees are tailored to the individual cases. Our fees are based on a sliding scale, depending upon your income, financial obligations and other factors. In many instances, our firm offers a flat rate for our legal fees. In the long run, the client will save a lot of money by paying this flat fee, instead of paying our hourly rate. Whereas a flat fee fixes the amount of legal fees for a portion of a case or an entire case, the hourly rate charges the client for each hour of the attorney’s time and has no set monetary limit. Flat fees may be offered in situations where the client is earning an income at the poverty level, has substantial financial obligations, is in the Armed Forces or is a single parent, and in a variety of other situations.

HOW MUCH LEGAL TIME CAN I HAVE IF WE HAVE A FLAT FEE ARRANGEMENT? Our office encourages those who retain our legal services to stay in contact with us. If you are offered and decide to pay the flat fee, you will not be billed more for telephone calls or e-mails that you direct to our office. We value open communication, and want to hear your legal and other relevant concerns.

HOW CAN I LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR FIRM? To learn more about our firm, explore our web site at your leisure. We also have a web page with the Hawaii State Bar Association:
Our law office is currently advertising in the Hawaii Marine and the Military Oahu Star.

You will be comfortable in our friendly office setting. We will guide you through each step of your legal matter. Your case is our concern.